Happiness Essay : Happiness Is The Key To True Happiness

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Happiness is acquired by a countless amount of aspects. Each individual has their own way of perceiving what the definition of happiness really is. We are in control of how we choose to foster that contentment, and whom we choose to associate ourselves with. Though obtaining joy is not a guaranteed action throughout our lifetimes, it is what we make out of it, and what decisions we make to further our happiness. Your life can be composed of strictly wealth, which seems like an absolute dream, but it may not contain a load of happiness. Happiness is the key to an extraordinary life. For starters, my loved ones fill my heart with pure happiness. They are all beautiful people with marvelous hearts. They provide me with endless and expectational support. When I am in doubt about any situation, they stand right by my side and continue to motivate me. Along with all they do to make sure I am constantly happy, they love me unconditionally even when I am beyond difficult to handle. Though we may not always agree, love is our foundation. We rely on our love to maintain sincere happiness within our family. People all over the world are quick to judge based on one’s appearance. On the contrary, family accepts you for who you are and the choices you make despite their true concerns on the fact. They have never harshly judged me on anything and for that, I am truly grateful for all the joy they have brought into my life. Meeting new people is a heck of an experience. Being able to
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