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Can happiness be defined? When someone asks Google “how many people are there in the world?”a straight answer of 7.125 billion appears on the screen. However when asked “how many happy people in the world?” Google wasn't quiet sure of the answer. Is that because happiness as a human emotion cannot fully be defined? In Elizabeth Landau’s article states why happiness is so important in our daily life. Although we don't always have complete control over our emotions our surroundings, the environment and people we involve ourselves with has a lot to due with humans “happiness’”in general she explains. The human brain is the most powerful part of our whole body and if one can learn how to control your mind you can be happy, but defining…show more content…
Landau states that “more money does not necessarily buy more happiness, but less money is associated with emotional pain” meaning money is materialistic and in the long run will not effect long term happiness (Landau 2). Money will buy you something materialistic that will be temporary in your life but after time fades you will eventually get bored until you find something new although it might have left you with some good memories and experience. Experiences form “Powerful and important memories that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world” (Gilovich 2). Happiness can come and go but in that moment of joy, you feel infinite and amazing which is why memories and experiences are so important, because we look back at them and smile at ourselves wishing we could go back in time to that specific moment, That is the great thing about happiness, you can eventually make new memories and have new experiences that make you happy or even happier in the near future. So, what is happiness? The research suggests that happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with your life. For example, finding meaning in your work and how good you feel on a day to day basis. Both of these are relatively stable. Life changes and our mood changes, but our general happiness is more genetically determined than anything else. The good news is that with consistent effort, this can be offset. Think of it like you think about weight: if you eat how you want to
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