Happiness, Health and Economy: Three Strongly Related Elements of Religious Faith

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Before presenting an introduction of how different faiths interact within our lives I will briefly discuss what faith is. According to Hebrews 11:1 “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” In general terms, faith is to believe in something we are not able to see, but know to be true. Briefly and objectively stated, a religious faith would be the belief of a superior existence that oversees the natural world. You may have a better or different description of what religious faith is, but it will definitely follow the roots of this description. However, even though faith’s description is not affected by acquiring a different religion, the type of faith an individual will follow won’t retain the same…show more content…
The outcomes revealed that prayer played and important role within the mental health of the individual. However, the frequency showed no improvements in the results, scientists assumed the effect was due to it being “entirely [dependent on] the individual’s rating of importance of faith.” (Meisenhelder 9) This could prove our point by implying that the significance of prayer relies, not in the frequency of the prayers, but on the level of significance each prayer has for that individual. If the person considers his religious faith to be highly important in his life then his belief will also show an increase over their level of happiness. The book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ, it’s proof of such belief. Latter-Day-Saints are strongly committed in following the words of the prophets, which shares God’s commandments. We believe that those “who have endured the crosses of the world… shall inherit the kingdom of God, which was prepared… from the foundation of the world...” (2 Nephi 9:18) We are taught that seeking the light of Christ is the only path that brings us closer to God’s desires and true happiness. Because of this, members of the Church have a tendency towards gospel principles such as honesty, obedience, respect and enduring to the end. We

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