Happiness Is A Concept Of Happiness

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Webster’s Dictionary defines happiness as “feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life or situation” (“Happy”). Happiness is a generic term to describe a healthy wellbeing. The term is unique due to everyone receiving happiness in different ways. With copious ways of reaching a feeling of happiness, it is difficult to pinpoint a way to achieve this emotion. Many individuals obtain happiness by helping others while others gain happiness out of damaging others. With different methods of achieving happiness, one will also find that there are multiple outcomes of this feeling. One can have a short burst of happiness, or a happiness that last for a long duration. In fact, the outcome of one’s happiness can define the type of person someone will be. When happiness does not last long, one will be longing for that feeling again. Happiness is a complex process that nearly everyone seeks to achieve on a daily basis. Happiness plays an important role in how one lives their life in the world. Our quality of life is, for the most part, determined by our levels of happiness. When one’s happiness dips into low levels, one will struggle with continuing on in life. Happiness brings a motivation for one to be successful in life and make the most of their lifetime. Without happiness, several people will take a different approach to life which is no life at all (suicide). Everyone needs happiness to bring purpose into their life. For this reason, it is a popular occurrence to search

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