Happiness Is A Value That Everyone Should Possess

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Have you ever felt the need to brighten someone’s day, or just find ways to even brighten your own day? have you ever felt like you just committed a crime by not taking the opportunity to be kind to someone? A lot of the times, in this world that we live in today people are always trying to find ways to become happier. They go around trying to find new jobs, a different set of friends or a new spouse. Everyone has done something within their lives that had an impact on how happy they were. Happiness is a value that everyone should possess. It is a value that is extremely contagious. Making others happy is something that everyone should try to aim for, even if it is hard to make another happy. It doesn’t only do any good to them, but also to you. Happiness comes from our own actions. Holding the door for someone, helping someone with their bags, or just being polite are all actions that can be taken to make other around you happier. This value is seen almost everywhere you go, even in these short stories “Everyday use” by Alice Walker, The Steve Job’s commencement speech, and the George Saunders’s commencement speech. Since being happy allows us to move forward in life and happiness comes from our own actions, people should aim to make others happy. Within the characters in these three short stories, they all have something in common, and what they all have in common is their desire to become happy, make the best out of their situations, and make others around them
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