`` Happiness Is A Warm Planet `` By Thomas Gale Moore

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“Happiness Is a Warm planet”, by Thomas Gale Moore is an article concerning global warming. In the article, Moore claims that “Global warming, if it were to occur, would probably be beneficial to most Americans”. The main points that Moore explains in the article are that everyone will benefit from the rising temperatures, the cost of fighting CO2 emissions cost too much,, and that America will pay the price from third world countries not being able to keep up with new conditions. Essentially, his idea is that global warming would have a positive outcome. He believes that nothing should be done to stop global warming. Moore 's statements that global warming would be beneficial lacks evidence and reason. If nothing is done to stop global…show more content…
Destructive storms, rising sea levels, and the problems with the Arctic heating up are just some of the multiple ways that global warming will hurt our planet. Moore mentioned in his article that human life would be better because of the warm temperatures. Yes, it is true that a lot of people do enjoy a warm day to a cold day, but what Moore seems to have left out is that for us to enjoy anything, we need to have an Earth that is not dangerous to human health. One of the first problems associated with climate change and human health is the toll extreme heat can take. It can cause heat strokes, dehydration, and cardiovascular issues. People living in more northern parts are at a higher risk for this because their bodies are not used to coping with high temperatures. Moore stated in this article that heating costs would go down, but forgot to mention the opposite of heating. Air conditioning would need to be installed to make homes an environment that people can live in without encountering the conditions listed above. Air quality is also a factor that would worsen if the temperatures continue to grow. Wildfires would become more common, which would lead to the air we breath becoming contaminated from pollutants. Water vapor levels will rise with global warming are expected and will increase the ground level
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