Happiness Is An Object Of Human Desire

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Charles Spurgeon once said, “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness”. Presenting the idea that happiness is a simplistic, yet expressive, feeling that prospers from an individual 's experience. Essentially happiness, or the feeling of being happy, prospers from experience and the presence of influential and cared for individuals. Throughout Sarah Ahmed’s piece of writing, “Why Happiness, Why Now?”, happiness is looked at as an object of human desire. Ahmed examines the process a human will go through to attain this desire, making important life decisions and choices with the belief that they will supply happiness. Additionally, happiness is explained as a tool to measure a nation, group or individual 's well being, progress and performance. Although, people often view individuals who possess the most amount of products and the highest quality of products as the happiest. To me this is completely inaccurate, because quantity does not determine happiness. A situation which provided me with immense happiness, was my trip to St. Lucia. This trip, presented to my brother and I as a graduation present, to an exotic location, however did not symbolize happiness itself. The happiness I experienced was fostered from the adventures accessible to me and the individuals I had the pleasure to interact with throughout my trip. I was able to learn how to snorkel, taste traditional Caribbean food, indulge myself in their cultural markets and go zip lining

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