Happiness Is The Most Important Aspect Of The Mind

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Buddhists believe happiness is being able to realize that no matter what you think about the circumstances that define your life, you are already good, whole and complete. It’s about recognizing the inherit potential in your mind. Happiness is being awakened to the full potential of his own nature. People have to change their mindset in order to achieve happiness for example someone who suffers from anxiety may have a attack they can believe they are having a nervous breakdown or you can confront your thoughts and fears and realize have that you’re a having a nervous breakthrough. By controlling your thoughts you are able to control your outcome of situations. Happiness is awareness and the feeling of complete and whole. In order to achieve happiness one must first realize that every sentient being-that is, every creature endowed with even a very basic sense of awareness which can be defined by three basic aspects or characteristics: body, speech and mind. It is important to know that the mind is essence, is the most important aspect of all creatures that share the attribute of being sentient. It’s important to acknowledge the natural mind and that is capable of producing anything, even ignorance of its own nature. But a compassionate mind is a diligent mind and with compassion things such as starvation and people being slaughter would not exist. Buddhists believe Natural peace is necessary to achieve happiness. Natural peace is a condition similar to the sensation of
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