Happiness Of Americans

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The Happiness of Americans Happiness is a state of existence that Americans have perused since the founding of this great country. It’s such an important part of American life that “The pursuit of Happiness” is even “laid out in our nation’s Declaration of Independence” (McMahon 783). Happiness is something that may come from many aspects of life: one’s children, employment, financial wellbeing, sports, hobbies, and many other things. Ruth Whippman tells us that "Americans as a whole invest more time and money and emotional energy in the explicit pursuit of happiness than any other nation on earth". Are Americans happier today than they were three centuries ago? Does modern technology, social economic status, religious freedoms, and/or the…show more content…
People like to say that those living in the 18th century were happier because life was so much more simple. While it’s true that life was simple, it surly was not easy in any way. The average life expectancy in the early 18th century was about 41 years old, today Americans live to an average of 79 years old. The struggle to just survive in early America was outstanding and an everyday occurrence. There was no running water, sewer systems, continence stores, and the standard mode of transportation was walking and horseback riding. Life was an endless cycle of preparing for the winter by making sure one had enough food and supplies to make it till spring. The stress that could have caused early Americans must have been substantial, as not only did they have to make sure they had enough supplies but they still had to make money for their expenses. While in the modern world the struggles are much different and a less of a chore. The advent of modern conveniences has made everyday living easier and more convenient, as we mainly need to focus on earing our wage. The average American doesn’t have to worry about the harvest or the cattle, they simply concern themselves about the price of those groceries at the store. Modernization has alleviated much of physical labor and stress…show more content…
Today a good education is there for almost all in America, as college is now accessible to anyone willing to put in the work. In early colonial America education was scarce, as schools building were lacking and so were teachers. Many working-class families could not afford to send their children to school, because they were needed to work and help the family survive. Many were relegated to educate their own children, having to teach them to read, write, and mathematics while still doing their daily chores. Today most parent see their children off to school each weekday morning and leave their education up to the schools, giving them one less thing to worry about. A good education doesn’t guaranty happiness but does give one a broader understanding of the world around them and can lead to a better understanding of life. Thus, America has a greater educated population that has a greater opportunity for
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