Happiness : The Goal Of Life

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Outline THESIS: Happiness has many different interpretations throughout various religions and also many different definitions, but I believe that happiness is a goal and it all comes down to the way someone lives their life and their own thoughts. 1. Happiness: The Goal of Life a. Introduction 2. Religions Perspective on Happiness a. Overview of Religions b. Christians, Islamic and Judaism c. Buddhism and Taoism 3. People Throughout History’s Thoughts on Happiness a. Overview of Peoples Perspectives b. Henry David Thoreau and Benjamin Franklin c. Thomas Jefferson and Aristotle 4. Personal Views on Happiness a. A goal to be accomplished b. Conclusion Happiness: The Goal of Life Throughout the history of mankind there have been a few…show more content…
Religions are all different on how they believe and what they say will make someone happy for their life. Christians believe in one god and gods son, Jesus, who will lead them with the teachings he did in his life. The Bible accounts for many ways on what to do that will make people happy in their lives and for the others around them. A quote from Pastor David Murray which states “Christian happiness is the grace of loving and being loved by Jesus who gave his life for me”. Islamic people also believe in one god and that the teachings of their sacred text will lead their lives. Muhammed was the main teacher for the Islamic religion and the people who follow his teachings are called Muslims. “True happiness is contentment, and this is only attained through activities which are not fleeting” (Ahmad, Ustadha Bint) which is how the Islamic people feel about happiness. Judaism is another religion that worships under one god for their lives and how to be a good person. A Rabbi, Shmuly Yanklowitz, talked of happiness in Judaism and he said “To live Jewishly is to live inspired with the optimism that we can build a more just and holy world and with the faith that there is a promising future for all humankind”. Abraham founded Judaism and his teachings are considered to be their sacred text and to follow his way of life. Religions that have more than one god still have teachings about how to
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