Essay on Happiness and Health in a Connecticut Nursing Home

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2. The question presented in this study is would increasing the power and control an individual have over their life cause them to be more happy and healthy? This is an important question because the results could help patients in nursing homes to be both happier and healthier. Langer and Rodin's hypothesis was that if patients in a nursing home were given more control over their lives and activities, they would show improvements in mental alertness, activity level, satisfaction with life, and other measures of behavior and attitude.

3. The participants of this study was 91 individuals who were living at Arden House, a Connecticut nursing home. these individuals were separated into two groups, the first group ( containing 8 men and …show more content…

The nurses also reported that the participants who were in the increased-responsibility group showed improvement in activity, health, and behavior well the comparison group was shown to either decline or basically stay the same. More participants from the responsibility group attended the movie, and 10 of them participated in the jelly bean game as compared to the 1 participant from the comparison group.
5. Langer and Rodin concluded that the findings from their study supported their hypothesis, and that individuals are indeed happier and healthier when given some degree of control over their lives. In fact 18 months after the study the participants in the increased-responsibility group were in a super-condition than those who were in the control group. They also found that while 30% of the participants in the comparison group had since passed away, only 15% of the experimental group had died. 6. Probably the biggest concern there is in regards to this study is the one pointed out by Langer and Rodin, which is that it may have been unethical to present the participants with a greater level of control over their lives just to have it taken away. This study impacted the history of psychology by proving that a sense of control is important for peoples physical and mental health.

7. This study changed psychology because it changed how psychologists viewed the importance of control in regards to a person's mental health. This study has also lead to

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