Happiness and Religious Beliefs

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As humans, happiness and an over all high wellbeing is something we all desire. Some search for wellbeing and happiness through extravagant possessions, some through alcohol and drugs and some through religious belief. It seems that two out of the three groups I mentioned are missing the target. Those who are using possessions, drugs and alcohol, could learn from those who are seeking wellbeing and happiness through religious belief. It seems that those with some kind of faith or religious beliefs have an over all higher wellbeing and happiness than everyone else. Gallup scientists have conducted a worldwide study of wellbeing. Upon extensive research Gallup has named five universal factors of our overall wellbeing that are essential to all people: physical wellbeing, social wellbeing, career wellbeing, community wellbeing and financial wellbeing (Gallup). Each of the elements play a part in our over all wellbeing and in the end our happiness. Not one of these alone or even four out of the five of these elements will give you the highest overall wellbeing. Each of these elements plays a crucial and large roll in our wellbeing and happiness. People around the world who have religious faith, whether their practicing faith is Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, Christian or any other faith, they reportedly have a higher overall wellbeing and happiness then those with no religious faith or beliefs. Physical wellbeing, which Gallup describes as, “ having good health and enough energy
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