Happiness and the Purpose of Life

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This question has had a lot of controversy from ancient philosophers and even people today. Many people may ask this question, but few know the answer. Everyone is different and yet we all ask the same question. In my class right now there are twenty-three students. Students that have grown up together and long-time friends and some are newer than others. You can guess how a person will end up saying, “oh, that person is going to make it far.” Celebrities, musicians, teachers, parents, teenagers, and even adults have at one point asked: What is the purpose of life? Do we all have a destiny set up for us that we go along with according to plan? Or do we make our own choices, which makes our destiny? I think the purpose of life is to learn and grow from our decisions. We as individuals chose our destiny (AKA naturalism) and the outcome.
Philosophers had many different opinions on there view of life. Aristotle believed that happiness was the central purpose of human life. He believed it depended on not only emotional but also physical well being also by achieving virtue. Aristotle’s theory is known as the theory of happiness. Because no matter how much money and wants that you have in the end (eudemonia) also known, as happiness is the only thing worth having. Buddhism believes that the purpose of life is to end suffering. The…
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