Happy Chang Short Story Essay

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My initial reaction to this piece of literature was one of happiness. I love sports and the mostly, the only stories I love to read have sports tied into them one way or another. The fact that the setting took place at a baseball game was one that got me interested into the story and grabbed my attention all the way through. With saying this, I was really confused on how this storied played out. A jealous man that has had a rough past umpiring a championship game that in the end he doesn’t he finish umping? Very confusing and hard to really know why the author set up and told the story the way he did. When they first mentioned Lori Chang on page 7, I smiled because of what they described her as. I thought of a very innocent girl that is…show more content…
Part II: Reaction after Class Discussion After the class discussion, I will have to say that I like the story even more than a initially thought. Me liking the story more is mainly due to me understanding the story better than I did the first time I read it. I am just an average reader and the discussion really opened my eyes and made me realize all of the things that I didn’t pick up on or were confused about make since and all tie in to the importance of the story. A big take away from the discussion that I did not even think about while reading the story the first time was the fact that it was a first-person point of view and that we only get Jacks perspective told us. This made me rethink the story in a way that questioned if all the things Jack is saying is really the truth or is he just delusional. The question of “Why does Tim always side with Carl on calls that Jack made in which Carl argued” came up in class and it was discussed. I think with realizing that the story is from Jacks perspective really exposes this question because Tim sided with Carl multiple times in a situation that Lori Chang was supposedly throwing at their players heads (6,11). Then I wondered why would Jack be trying to protect Lori Chang and luckily this was also brought up in our discussion. Reading the story, the first time, I didn’t pay much attention to Jacks

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