Happy Ending In D, Fred And Madge

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At Happy Ending A, John and Mary fall in love and get married. They have jobs, a charming house, they have two children, to whom they are devoted and they turn out well. John and Mary have a stimulating and challenging sex life and worthwhile friend. They go on vacations together. They retire and both have hobbies eventually they die. This is a happy story. At B, Mary falls in love with John but John doesn’t love her back and is only using her for sex and never stay the night. Mary did her best to look good for John but John never notices. Mary found out that John takes a woman out to a nice restaurant for dinner from her friend, Mary took pills hoping John find her and they get married, have children, and have a happy ending but John never did then everything continues as in A. In D, Fred and Madge have a charming house by the seashore and a giant tidal wave approaches, real estate values to go down, the rest of the story is how they emerge from it and continue as in A.
In Happy Ending it can be any name, setting or any type of tragedy and the ending will be A. Happy Ending is like a house frame there are
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To help Charlotte get better, they both take a vacation to the countryside where they rent a mansion to during their stay. Charlotte starts writing a secret journal even though John told her not to write because it filled her with make belief. By reading Charlotte secret journal the reader can tell that Charlotte is getting worse, she became paranoid, obsess with the yellow wallpaper in their bedroom thinking that it alive and that a woman lives behind the wallpaper. She aversions it when people go near hers’ yellow wallpaper. In the end, Charlotte became crazy, Charlotte would have to be hospitalized in a mental hospital and of course, they both eventually
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