Happy Endings By Margaret Atwood

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Samantha Disen
Professor Aimee Record
English 101-073
25 September 2014
Essay 1 In Margaret Atwood’s, “Happy Endings,” the author writes about the nature of life. Throughout the short story, Atwood describes ‘happy endings’ through six different scenarios, which are all based around the characters, John and Mary. At the end of each scenario, the ending is all the same “John and Mary die. John and Mary die. John and Mary die” (Atwood, 1984). Within the six different scenarios, Atwood describes how life is not what we expect to be, how it can end in the upmost perfect happy ending or how it could be filled twists and turns. Nothing in life is ever promised, you cannot be promised everlasting happiness, you cannot be promised love, but there is one thing that you can be promised: it will end. We all have this dream: to find our Prince Charming or our Cinderella and live the fairy tale happy ending. In scenario A, the perfect happy ending is found. John and Mary have met, they have fallen in love, they have gotten married and have, “…worthwhile and remunerative jobs…a charming house…live-in help…two children…stimulating and challenging sex life and worthwhile friends...they retire. They both have hobbies which they find stimulating and challenging. Eventually the die. This is the end of their story”(Page 1). What they have, everyone wants. That is what we strive for, because that is what has been programmed into our heads, our childhoods we were spent hearing stories, about

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