Happy Endings By Margaret Atwood

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Marriage or a relationship is something that can make or break no matter how someone sees it. It can either bring joy within two people that love each other or slowly break down the two individuals that vowed to be together forever. But in the end, it truly depends on the pair and how they view certain aspects of life. Some may not even take complete interest in their partner, but only stay due to their commitment. They may completely have fallen for another, even knowing they have someone at home waiting for them alongside their children. So no matter how you view it, most endings are the same, especially in the short story “Happy Endings” by Margaret Atwood. She especially depicts each type of relationship and how there are multiple possibilities, but always aim for the classic and perfect route A. Now I’ll start by explaining the perfect route A, which leads to a quote on quote happy ending. With this ending, everything seemingly follows a straight path where everything goes exactly as it should be. The characters John and Mary have a wonderful life together and nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected happens to either of them. Everything is as cliché as it can possibly get while reading route A though it’s a route one should aim for. The author really Torres, 2 manages not to give much detail about either character making them…
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