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Happy Endings Response
Madison MacGregor

Initial Impression
Throughout reading Margaret Atwood’s Happy Endings I was astonished numerous times. Margaret was able to convey many different forms of a relationship and every single one left me feeling frustrated as I realized how brutally true they all are. As I was reading the story I wasn’t understanding to the full extent what Margaret was trying to express until the line “The only authentic ending is the one provided here: John and Mary die. John and Mary die. John and Mary die.” This nearly gave me chills when I read it as it all come together and I finally understood the meaning of the story and the power of Margaret's words. As I finished the story I was left with a sense of reverence for Margaret as she cut deep exposing how imperfect love really is. I chose to write my response on this story because it was the one that gave me the best initial reaction and I loved the way it made me feel after reading it.
Within Margaret Atwood's story Happy Endings there are six main different stories, each containing the same characters but different plots. In A, the first story, we read about a happily in love John and Mary, who live successful and fulfilling lives until they “eventually die”. In B we read about Mary who is madly in love with John, while John is a selfish man who views Mary as nothing but human flesh which ultimately leads to her suicide. In C a married man named John is in love with a young Mary
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