Happy: My Sixth Grade Experience

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“Happy” It was two years ago. I was finally in sixth grade and I knew this year would go great. I had finally made it to 6th grade. I was determined to have a great year. The year got off to a decent enough start. There were three 6th grade teachers and I got the easiest one, Mrs Miller. Unfortunately my two best friends Will and Brandon were both in the same class but it wasn’t my class. I was determined to find friends in my own class. I made friends with this one kid named Misael who was new to the school that year. Now Will especially wasn’t too happy with that but eventually Misael started hanging out with this other guy named Seth so that took care of itself. My friend situation was okay. At least for now... “I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space... Because I’m happy...” (Williams) Mrs Miller was a really fun teacher. She didn’t give us tons of homework and she certainly never gave us homework over the weekends unlike the other teachers. We did a lot of fun projects and math wasn’t to hard for the most part. The only problem was that when she was teaching she would remember something that reminded her of something and then she would go on half an hour long tangents about it especially during social studies. Like one time we started by talking about verbs and ended talking about slaughterhouses! They were usually interesting but when I told my mom she was concerned I wasn’t learning enough in class. Infact, my mom dislikes her to this day. My teacher also didn’t
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