Happy Prince Personality

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TERM PAPER ON “THE HAPPY PRINCE BY OSCAR WILDE” ARUN KUMAR #2011EE20510 INTRODUCTION: The Happy Prince is an amazing short story by Oscar Wilde who is famous for Aesthetics movement. Aestheticism was a cultural phenomenon popular in the middle of the 19th century. Its basic theory was "art for art’s sake ". Aestheticism placed art above life and held that life should imitate art, not art imitate life. The story criticizes badly the people who have shallowness in their character. It also brings out the life of low class public living in 19th century vs the middle “Town Councillors”, “The Mayor”. The story seems to be directed for children but it has lot to learn for adults too. It brings out quality of generosity. It shows that a spiritual, internal beauty is more important than lavish decoration. Oscar Wilde has broad ranges of knowledge, exaggerate rhetoric and the wonderful imagination in unconventional ways. In the 19th century the United Kingdom is a conservation society. Oscar Wilde’s unconventional is confrontation with the entire community. Wilde's inclination to homosexuality is also seen in the quote “The Swallow kisses the lips of the The Happy Prince”. CHARACTERS: Major characters: 1-The Happy Prince: The Happy Prince is the character created by Oscar Wilde which seems to be inanimate object but is seen to come to life in the story when his tears starts dropping on The Swallow. The Happy Prince was a real live…show more content…
From Wilde’s point of view, the world of reality is full of evil, and the only purity land is kept in people’s deep heart, where we can get the true, purity beauty. In Wilde’s fairy tales, the true TERM PAPER ON “THE HAPPY PRINCE BY OSCAR WILDE” ARUN KUMAR
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