Happy Trail Short Story

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I found Happy Trails very interesting and fun to read because of the interesting writing style. It was also fun to read because it was informational as well as interesting. I learned about the life on an Indian preservation and how people act there. I also found the story interesting because of the way that people refer to each other and the way they talk. And finally, I liked the way that it talked about the uncle, Hector, which was not present throughout the whole book but is always talked about. Happy Trails, by Sherman Alexie is the most fun short story that we have read so far. Happy Trails is the most fun short story we have read so far because the style of writing is so interesting. For instance, one thing that I found cool was the way that even after Uncle Hector died, he is still talked about so much throughout the story. Normally, someone will die in the end of a story and even in they die in the beginning, they are just referred to on small occasions. But Hector is constantly wondered about and discussed by many characters. I find this to bring a fun aspect to the table because it we learn about different ways to write stories. I also found the story fun because of the cool language such as when the narrator spoke of the Indian life. “Indian men live wild-horse lives, running beautiful and dangerous, until some outside force.” I could perfectly picture this in my mind as wall as many others. However, this example is my favorite because it was just fun to
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