Happy Wife, Happy Life

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Happy Wife, Happy Life Independence and freedom are some of the greatest qualities for which many races, nationalities, and genders have been able to thank America for. It took several centuries for our country to be at the forefront of equality, while most nations have only recently started to develop this type of thinking in their culture. However, America was not always this way. At the beginning of the 20th century, women held very few roles within society. With the husbands traditionally being the sole income earners during this time, the wives were left with the expectation to stay at home, raise the children and keep the house in order. As a result, women had an insufficient amount of time and focused little if any amount of such time on themselves, while the husbands did not help with any of the “women’s work.” With high expectations and undoubtedly little reward for their hard work at home, women often found themselves feeling trapped and forced to lead an unfulfilling lifestyle. Yearning for a sense of self, there were luxuries which these women were not allowed to indulge in, as they were not allowed a sense of freedom apart from their husbands. Furthermore, these wives and mothers would fantasize about a time where they could and would be free, to indulge and take part in niceties, even if it was only to go buy a pair of silk stockings. For over two hundred years in America, women did not have a place in literature, both as major characters and as writers. Kate
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