Harborco Analysis

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Paper #1: Harborco Analysis The Situation As the lone representative of Harborco, I was thrust into a 15 on 1 situation in the board room. I knew that though I held much power in the case, it was imperative to make sure the groups did not side together against me. I began simply by discussing the importance of the project and how I wish to gain everyone's support. I focused on the least powerful groups at first, awarding them small victories in order to gain support. With a small group of allies in my corner, I began negotiation with Daniel Kim who represented the FED. I knew this was the most important negotiation for Harborco and tried to smoothly approach the subject. I explained first the importance of the money needed and how…show more content…
If he was Hacker and I was Star, we would have started suing each other. The problem was that it seemed we both had strong BATNA's and no reason for saving this relationship for future reasons. I stressed the importance that we are bringing much more to this area than we are asking for. He stressed that he has all of the control and did not care if this money went to us. The problem was that I was honest in my approach, and explained how important this money was to us. Even though I knew that I was losing bargaining power, admitting the importance of this loan, I believed it would inspire the FED to be honest in its pro and con reasons. However, Daniel Kim seemed to be avoiding the entire subject all together and as much as and the others pried he would not budge. We were all using the Pull Style approach to negotiation, until this problem with the FED turned the entire group into Push Style negotiators. Everyone began to focus on the power that they had, yelling out how they could ruin this project and the devastation that could cause for everyone but themselves. Everyone all of a sudden became Blockers not for just the overall project but for everyone else getting their way. This switch caused by Daniel Kim and the FED turned the entire simulation into a power struggle and caused everyone to focus more on what they were losing ,
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