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HARBORCO (ENVIRONMENTAL NEGOTIATOR) - PLANNING DOCUMENT Negotiation: __HARBORCO___________ Role: _ENVIRONMENTAL NEGOTIATOR What issues are most important to you? (list in order of importance) 1. Ecological Impact issues due to the construction of this port. This being the most important because the disruption of ecological settings will begin as soon as construction begins, so no room to try anything else to minimize this effect. 2. The industry mix that Harborco will be allowed to introduce. Even though there are legal limitations, “dirty” industries still cause short and long term havoc on the environment. 3. Voting on other issues strategically. While not trying to antagonize potential allies, an effort needs to be…show more content…
It may turn out that it will cost them more to satisfy one of the other member’s requests (like union quotas or compensation to other ports) and so they may agree to satisfying one or both of my priorities (industry mix and ecology impact). Additionally, it looks like I have opportunity to talk to The Unions and Other Ports in the region, where we can align our interests since any of us independently may not be as strong as us combined. What issues are most important to your opponent? (list in order of importance) All the interests can be summarized under “maximizing profits”. Without knowing their actual costs for each of the options, I can’t be a 100% sure of the priority of the issues, but I will need to gauge that based on the negotiations. With the given information, it looks like their issues are: 1. Approval for a primarily dirty industry mix 2. Minimizing costs they will have to bear for their impact to the ecology 3. No special preference for union workers (again, related to cost) 4. Getting the maximum loan they can get 5. No compensation to other ports What is your opponent’s BATNA? Reservation Price? Target? Similar to mu position, it appears that Harborco does not have a great BATNA either. If there is significant opposition during the negotiation, the FLA will not grant them a license. So their target will be to pass the proposal as they have

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