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As a contractor, from safety boots to hard hats, you know that being safe on the job is just as important as getting your next job. If you can stay injury free, your year will be both productive and lucrative. Not only are safety products needed for insurance purposes in the case of an accident, employers and customers both look for them and require them. From work boots to hard hats, the following five safety products will give you the best bang for your buck in terms of both safety and affordability. If you want to be safe this season, you can buy all of these reusable safety products, without breaking your bank account. 1.) A hard hat A hard hat is a no brainer when it comes to your safety on the job site. Your brain is your most important…show more content…
Make sure to choose safety glasses with anti-fog, impact-resistant lenses, a top shield, side shields, and a good frame. A pair of safety goggles will cost you less than $20, and they could save you from everything from eye irritation to blindness. 3.) Safety Vest A reflective safety vest is invaluable as its high-visibility minimizes the risk of accidents occurring from not being seen. The vest is essential to job safety as its reflective properties and variety of fluorescent colours make it ideal for daytime or nighttime use. Safety vests are also made to be highly breathable, and they are designed give you free range of motion over any piece of clothing. Your safety vest can be bought for under $20, and is a great addition to your safety gear. 4) Safety Gloves The nature of the job for a contractor is to work with your hands. It is so important to protect these two important tools. Safety gloves will protect you from those pesky nicks, cuts and burns, to more serious injuries that could cause an infection. Make sure to select safety gloves that are both breathable, sized correctly and designed for your profession. Safety gloves can be the one thing that allow you to spend your day working on the job site, instead of the emergency room. A pair of safety gloves will cost you around $30, and will keep your hands stitch…show more content…
Insurance will not cover you should an injury occur without your safety boots on. When there are wet, muddy or snowy conditions outside, a re-usable neoprene boot cover will do two things: It will give your customers a sense of relief that you won't track mud from your dirty work boots throughout their house; and it will save you time from removing and putting on your work boots every time you need enter or exit the job site. A neoprene boot cover is an inexpensive and effective way to impress your customers, and allow you to maintain the integrity of your work boots, while keeping your job site tidy. Each of these five re-usable products: the neoprene overshoe, a hard hat, safety glasses, a safety vest and safety gloves are required and essential to your safety on a job. Costing a total of less than $100, these products are an affordable way to ensure that you continue on in your trade safely for years to
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