Hard Night At The Bar

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Hard Night at the Bar 1 Brenda Klein was not your average woman. In fact, she wasn’t really a woman at all. Well, she was half a woman, she thought to herself. Brenda was the latest in a long line of wolf shifters, and as such she had the power to change into any wolf at the drop of a hat. She was not a werewolf by any means. Werewolves could not control who or what they were. Every full moon they were forced into being a mindless, horny, manic creature. She was a wolf shifter, who could control her power to change into a wolf. Her and her kind would use their powers to keep werewolves away from innocent humans. It was a full time job, and Brenda loved it. She loved the rough and challenging aspects of the job. It was like a drug, the…show more content…
She was a hot woman; it was not hard for her to find a good lay. She was tall, with long legs. Her body was tan, and toned to perfection. She had long wavy brown hair perfect for grabbing from behind, and striking sapphire blue eyes. She was a damn catch, and she knew it. She knew that the bartender was just as attracted to her as she was to him. His stunning emerald green eyes were glazed with desire, he might as well be drooling. She loved having that power over men. Although she could not be pretended that she wasn’t just as turned on by him. He had shoulder length black hair that was simply begging for her to run her hands through. He wore a tight black tank top that emphasized his massive pecs and delicious abs. She licked her lips as she watched his firm ass walk to the other end of the bar in his well fitting jeans. She wouldn’t let him fall through her fingers tonight. “Can I help you?” he asked as he walked back to her end of the bar. “I hope you,” she said, looking his body up and down, sucking her finger into her mouth. “Give me a whiskey on the rocks,” she ordered, leaning her chest onto the bar, exposing her ample cleavage. “What’s your name, sexy?” she asked. “Right away,” he said as he made her drink, staring at her chest the entire time. “My name is Blake. And what’s your name?” “My name is Brenda,” she said, subtly pulling her shirt down a little more. “What brings you to New Orleans Brenda?” he asked in his southern drawl. “Werewolves. Amongst
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