Hard Times Creates Success Essay

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Creating Success Hard times come about in many different ways to many different people. The authors Martel, Desetta and Sullivan all have the drive to make their stories ideal and realistic examples on how various types of hard times affect a variety of people in all different situations. The stories that they write show a deeper insight into a harsh world lived in today; it shows internal conflict and external conflict in each. Martel spent his entire life travelling and still travels to this day having houses in multiple countries, Sullivan has a similar past with a plethora of travel due to her parents involvement in Americorps, while Desetta switches it up and has a past of being in the inner city of New York. Although pasts vary…show more content…
The children or “farmers” who work on these camp have good hygiene, work from the dawn to the night, and wear torn clothes. Amadou and his little brother Seydou work day to night to keep each other safe and the owners pleased. Nothing was ever going to be ideal this is what Amadou thought and he felt nothing would ever cause for them to escape, he began to accept his life conditions for how it was feeling and if he has no choice so he goes about his daily routine, until Khadija comes along. Khadija is the only girl on the labor camp and can be viewed as a symbol of strength and change she comes in a completely mixes up Amadous life convincing him that there is more to life then this horrid labor camp and insisted they have a plan to escape these horrible conditions. Amadou is very hesitant in trusting this seemingly strange young lady and takes time before he agrees to trust her or even be friends with her. The way Khadija is portrayed can is an example of the feminist theory, at first she is made out to be foolish and not as strong as the boys in the story. She was not liked at the beginning but ended up changing lives, impacting the way the boys saw her in a great way. Without Khadija, Amadou and Seydou would have never escaped she brought a whole new light in the tunnel for the boys. Bringing this sense of hope ultimately brought the boys success, receiving freedom and mass amount of money in due for their harsh

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