Hard Times Mr Bounderby Analysis

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Hard Times Charles Dickens is a novel set in the Industrial Revolution. Hard Times focuses on the role of the rich during this era and their impact on the society, one example being their pride in their success. Dickens portrays this with the character Mr. Bounderby. Mr. Bounderby is known as the “Bully of humility,” he is a man who pretends to be humble but is very much the complete opposite. He puts himself before others not caring about the outcome or consequences that may come further on such as people belittling his success. He pays little to no attention to other people's emotional state and the situations they may be dealing with doing this with both Stephen, Mrs.Sparsit and Louisa. He devotes his time ensuring that others know he is almost superior and manipulates others making sure of it. Mr. Bounderby's pride throughout the novel causes his reputation to plummet and causes people to think very differently of him. Mr. Bounderby is very successful; he claims to be a “self-made man” owning a bank and factory and being very well-known throughout Coketown. To become a successful man, Mr. Bounderby explains that he grew up with his drunken grandmother after his mother had left him. He had to educate himself in the streets and had to work up to where he is now. He uses Louisa, a young girl who has been asked to marry Mr. Bounderby by her father and Mrs. Sparsit; his housekeeper (someone who tends the house and makes sure others are doing their job) to brag and provide
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