Hard To Find Religion

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Flanner’s book a Good Man is Hard to Find is an intriguing piece of work capturing the issues of morality and spirituality within the society. It begins with fearful grandmother who prefers vacation trip to Tennessee instead of Florida persuading her son against the family taking a vacation to Florida. To achieve her aim, she tries to convince her son with a newspaper story of released dangerous criminal known as Misfit, who is headed to Florida. Nonetheless, the son and the rest of the family dismiss her, opening the story with great themes of morality, religion, family, selfishness, as well as culture expressed in fascinating literary skills. From the beginning of the story, O’ Connor represents the theme of greed and fear as the Grandmother is fearful of Misfit. However, she chooses to take advantage of her perceived fear of the released convict to convince Bailey not to allow them take a vacation to Florida. She says “see here,…show more content…
Nonetheless, for the reason that she always refer to the Bible, mentions Jesus, and Prays, she apparently views herself as a Christian lady. On the contrary, the grandmother displays actions that are not in tune with Christian values. For instance the grandmother telling a joke about the watermelon initials cut E.A.T eaten by nigger. Understandably, these are racist words that someone claiming to know Jesus would not say. In conclusion, O’ Connors’ book a good man is hard to find is fascinating and based on fundamental themes of the human society especially grace and redemption. Her Catholic principles are personified in the story; it is evident that the central concern of the work is the Christian belief of faith, death, and salvation. The themes that are predominant in the story include morality, selfishness, religion, family, and culture illustrated articulately with fascinating literary
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