Hard Work In Doing Hard By Jeannette Walls

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Jeannette’s mother made it clear she did not have a considerable amount of faith in her. In one circumstance, Walls took note of how marveled her Mom was at Lori’s brilliance. She wrote, “‘Lori gets straight As,’ she once told me. ‘So do I,’ I said. ‘Yes, but you have to work for them’" (Walls 159). Natural talent obtains admiration, yet hard work is pitiful. Putting effort into something should not be looked down upon. Hard work shows passion, for a person can submit to a challenge rather than withstand the long haul. Jeannette should not have been belittled for having to work harder towards her achievements than her sister. Being a “try hard” is laughed at until it furthers a person to success. Reaching a goal is more of a breeze with natural
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