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How many of you believe or have heard “The poor just need to work hard and they won’t be poor”? I completely disagree and see that as a superiority complex. The poor people I’ve met are some of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet. My mom has been working two or three jobs my whole life, the only time i can think of that’s different is when she was on workman’s comp and even then she illegally still worked and they took what she earned off our rent rather than giving her a paycheck.

I see moms in poverty as some of the most hard working people you will ever meet although sometimes you’ll have a guy who does, but I see more mom’s without baby daddys’. I believe the truth to getting out of poverty is either luck or connections sometimes you get both. I know people who have gone from broke to bathing in money in a few years due to MMA, Cheer Coaching,
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Even me and my mom; we’ve had help from 7 families off the top of my head. From giving us a place to stay when he were legally homeless to saving my life. All this has made me realize there is so much working against poor people, including themselves. Sometimes people don’t have the energy or time to take the opportunity to succeed. But it means they are stuck in the loop of the ghetto; even Tupac has realized his luck and the loop of poverty within his song “Brenda's got a Baby”, He brings up how she can’t read above a fourth grade level it’s sad to think there are people in today’s world who still are born and never will be able to read just because their parents don’t have the ability to let it happen. Walmart, a place some of you know as trashy, horrible, and cheap, my grandmother has worked there and she worked with a girl who didn’t pass 3rd grade, where i grew up i can remember a solid amount of people who failed 3rd or 4th
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