Hardee Transporation Case Study Essay

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Hardee Transportation Case Study
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Hardee Transportation:
I. Major Facts
Hardee’s Transportation Manager Jim O’Brien is concerned about a request from the company’s largest customer. Hardee’s current freight pickup and delivery operations are set to reflect for 10 hours of maximum drive time for their drivers. The dispatch centers and bobtail routes are patterned in accordance with the previous hours-of-service rules. Hardees’s customer feels a rule changes could be beneficial and suggested a new hours-service rule of 14 hour-on-duty time. Jim O’Brien has great concerns because most of his largest customers already implemented the longer PDU times.
II. Major Problem
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Instead of just increase charges against the customer, Hardees’s management should initiate self assessment by looking at the numbers of drivers, their location, the specific functions of the company’s terminals, as well as the routes drawn from those locations. Once an internal assessment has been completed, Hardee’s management team can build a better business relationship by visiting their customers and recommending changes that will be beneficial to both parties. These changes will not only strength the business relationship of both parties but will also allow the implementation of changes that will increase revenue and decrease cost.
IV. Choice and Rationale
The recommendation that I would present to Hardee Transportation would be option C. To me, this option incorporates the benefit of a complete review of employees, vehicles, terminals, routes, policies, and procedures. Hardee Transportation would not just requests changes from their customers, but implement new changes in their own cooperation. By visiting their customers, the company will establish better relationships with them instead of dropping most of the largest customers and losing revenue.

V. Implementation
Just like in the military a decision making process needs to be initiated. The analysis is part of the process and will start with management determining goals and guidelines. Like I mentioned, I believe, that Hardee

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