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Hardee Transportation is a small truckload business, and it is currently faced with a problem that practically every company has; how to better serve its customers, and maintain a profitable return. It is essential that companies such as these evaluate their operations to ensure that it possesses the most efficient way to manage their assets. There is a great concern for these companies considering that the competition is out there, providing the same services at a lower cost, or accommodating their customer needs more fittingly. Hardee Transportation must take a look at their operations and come up with some plausible solutions to increase their revenue operations,
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If the company manages to eliminate or minimize the bobtail operation, it will free up more tractors and drivers to pull the trailers for the pickup and delivery operation, which is where they get their revenue. A simple solution for cutting down on the pickup and delivery times would be simply to implement a drop and swap routine with the customers. The customers can unload or load the trailers at their convenience, then call or schedule a certain time for Hardee Transportation to bring another trailer to swap out. This method is common, and extremely efficient, especially for customers who have limited pickup and delivery hours. Jim can create more time for the drivers to haul trailers, instead of spending countless hours at the docks loading and unloading shipments. The pickup and delivery time needs to be relatively quick in order for the drivers to have more time on the road. Using smaller trailers such as two 28 footers, as opposed to one 53 footer can make things easier when it comes to loading and unloading them. If the customer has two or more docks available, the driver can also unhook one of the two trailers at another dock to get both downloaded simultaneously. In addition to using the two 28 footers, it would greatly benefit the Hardee Transportation Company to train their drivers on how to load and unload the trailers on their own if the customer is not readily available to load/unload upon arrival. If they know ahead of time that
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