Hardship Discharge Essay

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The applicant requests an upgrade of his under other than honorable conditions discharge to honorable or general, under honorable conditions and a change of reentry code. The applicant contends that she was having family problems and the chain of command granted her emergency leave to return home and rectify the situation. The applicant states, in effect, she was pending separation in accordance with AR 635-200, Chapter 6 (hardship discharge) due to a lack of a family care plan. The applicant contents that upon her arrival at Fort Hood, Texas, she retrieved her children, follows the orders given to her by the chain of command. The applicant further states, that she maintain communication with her new chain of command in Korea and until…show more content…
APPLICANT-PROVIDED EVIDENCE: DD Form 293, dated 11 November 2014; DD Form 214, dated 2 September 2010; Dependency/Hardship Discharge Packet, dated 9 June 2009; DA Form 31, dated 5 February 2009 (from 5 February 2009 to 24 February 2009), and 28 July 2009 (from 30 July 2009 to Indefinite); DA Form 4187, dated 25 March 2009 (duty status changed from Absent Without Leave to present for duty), and 4 August 2010 (duty status changed from dropped from rolls to present for duty); DA Form 268; dated 9 June 2009; DD Form 2648, dated 22 April 2009; DD Form 93 and SGLV-8286, dated 10 August 2008; Medical paperwork to Dr. V-T, reference to Mr. H., dated 31 July 2001; Medical paperwork from Dr. M. T., reference to Mr. H., dated 20 October 2000; DD From 4/1, 4/2, and 4/3, dated 31 October 2007; Statement for Enlistment, dated 14 November 2007; DD Form 1966/1, 1966/2, 1966/4, 1966/5, 1966/6, dated 31 October 2007; Security Clearance Application (EPSQ), dated 31 October 2007; Standard Form 86, dated 31 October 2007; DD Form 369, dated 27 August 2007; Permanent Change of Station Orders (155-00222), dated 3 June 2008; Letter from Mr. T.H. to the applicant, 20 November 2009; Christus Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital (Outpatient Discharge Instruction Record), dated 23 February 2006; Certificate of Birth, dated 8 December 2000; Transition Center Worksheet, dated 13 October 2009; Privacy Act Statement, dated 25 February 2008; DA Form 4036, dated 23 May 2008; Orders 7318003 w/ amendment,…show more content…
REGULATORY CITATION(S): Army Regulation (AR) 635-200 (Personnel Separations) sets forth the basic authority for the separation of enlisted personnel. Chapter 10 provides that a member who has committed an offense or offenses for which the authorized punishment includes a punitive discharge may submit a request for discharge for the good of the service in lieu of trial by court-martial. The request may be submitted at any time after charges have been preferred and must include the individual's admission of guilt. Although a discharge under other than honorable conditions normally is appropriate for a Soldier who is discharged in lieu of trial by court-martial. However, the separation authority may direct an honorable or general discharge if such is merited by the Soldier’s overall record during the current
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