Hardships Faced By The Lgbt Community

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Hardships Faced by the LGBT Community in the Workplace
Taelor Faulkner, Brianne Hamilton, Brianna Johnson, and Laci Jones

Who decides what is normal in this world? What gives us the right to discriminate against an individual, specifically individuals of the LGBT community? Can a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender person have a normal career? If they do have a career, will they be able to advance? Relationships can be tested in the workplace, which can hinder one 's career. Both bosses and co-workers can treat members of the LGBT unfairly. Bosses can discriminate against the LGBT lifestyle and co-workers can sexually harass and judge their different, nontraditional co-workers. The people of the LGBT organization often experience difficulty with their bosses at work. They face discrimination at the very beginning of their careers, starting with the interview. According to an article in the Health Day Magazine, Robin Shahar, who graduated sixth in her class, was about to begin working for a law office until her boss found out she was getting married to another woman. Shahar 's boss immediately withdrew his job offer, saying that her lifestyle goes against his beliefs (Mirken 1). Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in today 's society. The relationship between the boss and the LGBT employee is normally peculiar if he or she is hired. As well as in the interview process, prospective LGBT employees often face rejection when trying to advance in their…
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