Hardships In The Movie: Antwone Fisher

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The Hardships, struggles, and set backs faced by individuals in society have been portrayed in hundreds of films produced throughout the years. Antwone Fisher is one of those movies that take a first person look on the past and present hardships faced by a United States Navy sailor. Fisher’s struggle begins before he was born, continues through adolescents and he is burdened with these feelings in adulthood. The movie centers on Antwone “Fish” Fisher, a troubled young man who is a United States Navy sailor with a temperament. Fisher’s father was killed before his birth and his mother, who was a teenager when she gave birth to him, was put in jail soon after the death of his father; where she ended up giving birth to him. He was placed in an orphanage until his mother was released from jail and had the opportunity to be released into her custody. She never came for Antwone so at the age of two he was placed in the foster home of Mr. and Mrs. Tate, who were portrayed to be a religious family. In the custody of the Tate’s, Mrs. Tate mentally and physically abused him until he left the home when he was a teenager. He decided to join the Navy to do something with his life; here he got into a fight with a fellow sailor. As punishment he was demoted, fined, restricted to the ship for 45 days, and ordered to seek psychiatric treatment. At first he was reluctant to speak to…show more content…
Mistrust of Erikson’s developmental stages. This is made clear by his inability to form relationships with the opposite sex; with that being evident he has not even begun to accomplish the rest of Erickson’s stages of development. Antwone had little nurturing during his toddler and adolescent years; most of what he developed into was from a nature standpoint. What was displayed around him, being light-skinned versus dark-skinned, being abused, and abandoned, made him grow into a temperamental young man, with low self-esteem/self-worth, and attachment issues to

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