Hardships That Single Parents Face in Child Rearing

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Introduction Single parents often face a host of unique challenges and hardships. This is more so the case given the duo-parent role such parents have to play in seeking to keep the family united. In this text, I highlight the most common challenges single parents face. Hardships Single Parents Face in Child Rearing According to Ryan and Cooper (2008), the society has in the recent past undergone some dramatic changes in regard to familial structures. In their own words, the authors note that "the once common image of the 'breadwinner' father, a housewife mother, and two children 好ow accurately describes only a very small percentage of households in the United States" (Ryan and Cooper, 2008). What this means is that the number of single-parent households in the U.S. has been on the increase in recent times. It is however important to note that unlike their counterparts in two-parent households, single parents face a variety of unique challenges in seeking to raise children in an appropriate environment. One of the major disadvantages faced by single-parent households according to Ryan and Cooper (2008) has got to do with lower incomes. In the opinion of the authors, the additional financial burden in this case is triggered by "not just the absence of one parent but the loss of a two-parent income" (Ryan and Cooper, 2008). In that regard, single parents are forced to survive on a single source of income which is in most cases not enough to cover everyday expenses of

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