Hardware And Software For Graphics Studio

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Hardware and software for graphics studio CPU/Processor AMD Black Edition – FX 4 GHz Processor Description The CPU or central processing unit is responsible for reading and completing or delivering commands from the hardware and the software. It is said by many people to be the brain of the computer. Integrated CPUs can have multiple cores or multiple processors on a single chip, these are multi-core processors and have more power than a normal processor as it is able to do multiple tasks at the same time. Things to look for The things to look for in a processor is the amount of cores it has and the amount of power it possesses, the higher the amount of both of them the faster the system will be able to run by it loading and…show more content…
The less ram the computer has the longer it will take to complete tasks. Random access memory is used to run the programs but when the computer is turned off the data on there is lost. Things to look for Memory size pins Hard Drive HDD WD Green 1 TB Internal hard drive Description This is the main storage device which permanently stores the data. The HDD has moving parts and uses them to reach different parts of the stored data. Moving parts however can easily be broken on it. The HDD is not too expensive and can have large considerable memories on like 1TB. Example Things to look for Large memory Price compatibility Flash drives SanDisk Ultra Flash memory card - 32 GB Description This is an electronic storage disk; It was usually used in computers in the past but has now been used in other electronics like mp3 and mobile phones. The card is usually read by connecting it to the computer or by a USB card reader. Things to look for Storage space Size Capture capability USB Storage SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB flash drive - 16 GB Description This is a plug in storage device which is small, compact and light weight so easily able to attach to a keychain or placed in pocket. It is able to replace the use of CDs and does not require rebooting after it is attached and does not require batteries or an external power. data can be retained for long periods of time when it is unplugged or
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