Hardware Replacement Project

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Assignment Week 8: Hardware Replacement Project Melanie Sexton IT/205 May 8, 2011 Charbel Elkhoury, Ph.D. Assignment Week 8: Hardware Replacement Project Prior to the IT department’s implementation of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to its corporate offices, assessment of company’s hardware currently in use and its ability to support the new CRM application revealed the information technology infrastructure contained out-of-date hardware in need of replacement. The success or failure of this systems project, hardware replacement, depends on the project manager’s “application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to achieve specific targets within specified budget and time constraints” (Laudon &…show more content…
Calculating the cost of human labor for a project is based on the estimated time to complete a project multiplied by what the daily cost of human resources. When developing the project budget, project management must have accurate estimates of the time to complete each task of the project. Project management, based on the estimated cost of labor, workspace, software, and hardware, develops a budget for the project and monitors all expenses. Costs for the hardware replacement project include the cost to purchase hardware require supporting the new CRM solution, the cost to purchase software, along with the cost of human labor required for installation and training employees how to use the new system. In addition to project management, project cost, when compared with the project’s benefit to the corporation, provides a tool used in determining the projects business value, which allows management to implement the project that provides the greatest benefit to the company. When deciding which, of many, alternative solutions to choose that best use the company’s resources to provide the greatest benefit to the company, project management must determine the economic feasibility of each solution or, which of the alternative solutions “represents a good investment for the company” (Laudon & Laudon, 2009, p. 387). To determine this, project management must consider the project cost and benefit of each alternate solution as they relate to the company’s information
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