Hardware Replacement Project

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Hardware Replacement Project NAME Axia College of UoP Hardware Replacement Project As the IT department begins to plan for and implement a new customer relationship management (CRM) solution in the corporate office, there are several variables that must first be thoroughly examined. The IT department must address the needs of the office, as well as the legacy hardware and software currently in use. It is apparent that current IT infrastructure will not support the introduction of a new CRM application. The legacy hardware currently in use is outdated require replacement. When implementing a hardware replacement project the IT department will use five major variables of project management that relate to the hardware replacement…show more content…
There are different types of benefits that must be considered, both tangible and intangible. The primary difference between the two is that tangible benefits can be assigned a monetary value, whereas intangible benefits cannot be as easily measured. Tangible benefits include increased productivity, lower operational costs, lower computer expenses, and increased sales. Intangible benefits include higher customer satisfaction, a better corporate image, and increased employee morale. Benefits that exceed costs should then be analyzed more thoroughly to determine if they provide benefits in the long term. Often it is necessary to perform additional financial analysis to determine the net benefit of the project. This more in-depth financial analysis includes capital budgeting methods, such as net present value , internal rate of return (IRR), and the return on investment (ROI). After determining the overall direction of a systems development, it is prudent to perform a portfolio analysis to evaluate possible alternative systems projects. A portfolio analysis examines the entirety of the company’s current resources. The portfolio analysis will help organizations assign risks and benefits to the organization. Projects with the highest opportunity for benefit should be considered first, just as proposals that low-benefit and high–risk should be avoided. (Laudon & Laudon, 2008). Factors Influencing Project Risk Project size,

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