Hardware Replacement Project: It/205

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Assignment: 1
Hardware Replacement Project:

Hardware Replacement Project:
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Assignment: 2

The IT- department in implementing a new CRM solution to its corporate offices. The hardware currently in use is out of date and will not support the CRM application. The hardware must replace prior to deployment.

How do the five major variables of project management-scope, time, cost, quality, and risk – relate to this scenario?
Scope: Defines what work is or is not included in a project. For example, the scope of a
Project for a new order processing system might include new modules for inputting orders
And transmitting them to production and accounting but not any changes to related accounts
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In order to keep all systems functioning the way they need to. Data for any company is very important in keeping it safe from and harm during the new change processing as well. The strategies I would consider would be to make sure that every data within the company had a storage space to keep it in to avoid the risks of losing it, I would also make sure that we would start with a small portion of the updating to make sure that this new operating system would work for the company as well. There are many OS available to bigger company’s and provide very good updates for the company’s new systems that can and do run excellent without having a lot of risk or problems, but it was tested before actually putting in to action and use. This gave the company a better view and was able to train the employees that were going to need to know, fix, and keep the main performance and upkeep of them. Any organization can add a new OS’s, but the key is learning to the best of your ability to make sure that it will keep the company functioning to its best and completing the goals and requirements it needs to keep them

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