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Hardware Replacement project Hardware replacement project Joey Eubanks IT/205 3/12/2010 The information technology (IT) department is implementing a new customer relationship management (CRM) solution for its corporate offices. The hardware currently in use is out of date and will not support the CRM application. An assessment of scope, time, cost, quality, and risks are five variables to consider when planning replacing a business’s hardware system. The issues that affect project risk also need to be considered. It is the job of IT hardware replacement management project leaders to see to it that this company has the best hardware replacement solutions with minimal costs at minimal risks. Project management will see to it that…show more content…
When scope, time, and costs are successfully met, quality will follow. The mistake often made by project managers is that they are so satisfied with what they are currently doing that they begin to see the world with rose-colored glasses. The problem with wearing rose-colored glasses is the ability to sense when there is a red-alert of mistakes being made before, during, and after the risks have the project in ruins. It is usually after the smiles and handshakes where grins and lawsuits may have the project management wishing they took off those rose-colored glasses to weigh the risks (Laudon and Laudon, 2009). Risk is the potential problems that would threaten the success of the hardware replacement project. These potential problems might prevent a project from achieving its objectives by increasing time and costs, lowering quality or preventing the project from being completed all together (Laudon and Laudon, 2009). There must be strategies recommended for minimizing the hardware replacement project risks. The risk factors for the hardware replacement project are miscalculating scope, time, costs, quality, and the risks. Other risk factors to consider in correlation with the five variables to project management is not having a solution where the costs become far more than the benefits, and is still risky if the benefits outweigh the costs. Another risk factor is compatibility in collaborating and

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