Hardware Section At Waller Hall

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(b) Deployment/TCS (within 60 days of deployment): Payable for Soldiers with TCS orders for 365 days or longer. Same rules/requirements as a PCS advance apply. (c) Financial Hardship (outside 30-90 day window of PCS move): Same rules/requirements as a PCS second advance. Additionally, provide any supporting documentation that might substantiate approval. (d) All Advance Pays for Soldiers departing the installation (PCS out) must be submitted to the Out Processing Section at Waller Hall. (3) Advance BAH: receive a properly completed DA Form 4187 signed by the Soldier’s Commander. The advance may be paid when a new rental/lease agreement is signed. There is no time limitation from the date of arrival. It also may be authorized when a Soldier has relocated housing incident to a PCS order. A copy of the signed lease/rental agreement or intent to lease is required and must have the move in date and itemize the amount due at move in. (a) Advance BAH can be requested and authorized for up to 3 months of a Soldier’s BAH monthly entitlement. The amount advanced will never exceed the amount required at move in. For example, security deposit, 1st month rent (prorated if member moves in any time after the first of the month), and utility deposits (if deposit is required by utility company - must show proof). (b) BAH Advances are collected over a 12-month period or for the duration of the Member’s lease (the lesser of the two). (c) BAH must reflect on the Soldier’s pay account

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