Hardware and Software Devices Our Company Will Use and Why Essay

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Hardware and Software Devices Our Company Will Use and Why

Hardware devices:

To start the business we will need a PC, we have opted for this instead of a mainframe as, mainframes are much larger and more expensive. A PC will suit our needs for the time being; we also decided that we would purchase one or two laptops, as we would need these for when going to meetings and when performing presentations. After researching on the Internet we decided to choose a Dell computer and laptop, the advantage of buying from Dell is that, we can get the computer custom build to our needs and Dell are known for their reliable delivery service.

All computers need a processor known as the Central processing
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The option of having removable storage devices is open. The computer will come equipped with both a Zip drive and a Disk drive. We will use Zip disks to store backup files of all workings on the computer. We can also back up files onto CD’s and DVD’s, as well as use them to show potential clients our designs. Each member of the group will have a memory stick, which fits onto a key ring, this is so will we have back up copies with us all the time.

The business will need various output devices; these will need to be of the highest quality due to the products that we wish to sell. We will need a computer monitor with excellent screen resolution, so that we can see every detail of each design. We will need a high quality laser printer, which will print off the designs in perfect quality. Other output devices that can be used as input devices are the usual mouse, keyboard, CD’s, DVD’s and memory sticks.

Other output devices that we will have are our mobile phones, which are needed to keep in contact with each other. We may also get Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s), these will enable us to have a pocket notebook that can send information to each other, as well as clients via E-mail. These may not be completely necessary as nowadays most top of the line phones have all the attributes of a PDA built into them.

Software Devices:

All Computers need software to
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