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Biology Hardy-Weinberg Lab Using the Hardy-Weinberg equation, calculate the predicted genotype frequencies for each population scenario below. Place your calculations and data in the space provided below. Once you have calculated the frequencies, answer the conclusion questions for each one. Please remember that all calculations must be shown for full credit. Scenario #1 In the year 2050, humans have successfully colonized the Moon. The lunar modules created for this purpose could only house a small population of people. It is now a century later and the population has grown to 4,000 people. In the current Moon population, 10 people express the recessive phenotype for cystic fibrous (cc genotype). q2 – 10/4000 = 0.0025 q – √0.0025…show more content…
No 2) Is the current population evolving? Yes 3) If the current population is evolving, what type of effect is responsible for genetic drift? The effect of genetic drift responsible is the bottleneck effect. Scenario #3 Sickle cell anemia is more common in sub-Saharan regions of Africa, where malaria is prevalent, than it is in regions where malaria is not common. This is because being heterozygous for sickle cell anemia in malaria-prone regions carries a fitness. A new malaria vaccine was introduced and given to all the people of Population A, which is located in one of the regions where malaria is most prevalent. Since the government wished to test the effectiveness of the vaccine, Population A was isolated; therefore, there was no migration in or out of the population. Every citizen of Population A was vaccinated when the experiment began, and every new baby was vaccinated immediately after birth. Allele frequencies were calculated every 20 years. After 100 years, 360 out of 1,000 people in Population A are homozygous recessive for sickle cell anemia (ss genotype). q2 – 360/1000 = 0.36 q – 0.36 = 0.6 p – 1- 0.6 = 0.4 p2 – = 0.16 2pq – 2 x (0.4) x (0.6) = 0.48 Conclusion Questions Use this information to help you answer the

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