Haribo Cupcake Mix Marketing Plan

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Created in 1920, in Bonn, by a German named: Hans Riegel, Haribo (stands for Hans RIegel BOn) is today known worldwide for its candies such as: Gold-Bears, Tagada Stawberries or Fizzy Cola. Indeed, Haribo is the first manufacturer of gums and jellies within the total sugar confectionery market, who owns other famous candy brands such as: MAOM, Zan, Ricqlès… and exports to more than 105 countries all over the world.

However, with such a competitive market, our brand must create a new product which will open new horizon to our company
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➢ HARIBO also wants to push a healthier image. We can notice an improvement in the nutrition profile of the products They are now : Free from artificial colours (instead HARIBO uses citrus concentrate for the yellow or kiwi concentrate in order to obtain a green color) They contain natural flavours as much as possible

Finally HARIBO wants to keep a strong brand equity (innovation, high quality, awareness, strong relationship with consumers, market shares). Indeed HARIBO strategy is based on innovation. The brand offers a wide variety of products and bag sizes. New colours, flavours, textures and shapes are created each month.. Furthermore, HARIBO is recognized for the high quality of its products. HARIBO always places extreme importance on the quality and sourcing of all its ingredients and products used during the production process. Finally, Haribo aims at being close to its customers. The values shared by HARIBO are : generosity, family, happy-go-lucky attitude, fun side, sharing...

b) HARIBO portfolio


Chart N°1 : BCG Matrix

More than 300 different HARIBO candies are sold around the world. Its portfolio includes brands such as Strawbs, Goldbears, Happy Cola, Jelly
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