Harlem : A Middle Class White Community

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Harlem was once a middle class white community, but by the year 1925, it was known as the Mecca of the new Negros. Back in the history of America, when many black Americans were literally deprived of their liberty of rights, a social and a political movement evolved, which was known as the Harlem Renaissance. It lasted into the early years of the great depression and not only was it a political and a social movement but also an artistic one to be precise. The movement outbreak motivated the trend of literature, poetry, music, drama, publishing, dance, fashion and so many other art works. With the dawn of the cultural, social, and artistic sudden occurrence that took place in Harlem, many great black voices, writers, artists, musicians, scholars and poets who wrote with African-American rhythms broke out all over. And of this remarkable creative outburst, arose the voice of the poet, Langston Hughes. Born in Joplin, Missouri, in 1902 to a mixed-race parents, who divorced at an early stage of marriage, Langston Hughes grew up around the suburbs of Kansas then began to write poetry in high school. His father wanted him to be a mining engineer so he attended Columbia University however, he dropped out after his fresh man year to pursue his first love, poetry. His poetry had a feature combination of musical rhythms as well as cultural slang, and that lighted up the African American culture. In other words, he publicized the African American culture by using nontraditional rhythms
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