Essay on Harlem By Langston Hughes

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Harlem By Langston Hughes Throughout life, people are always deciding what to do with themselves. But along with what they want to do with their life, they always have that certain dream that they hope to accomplish. Not to say that it is to be rich, cause that is probably a lot of people's dream, which is why we have the lottery. But it is that certain dream that in the future the person will be happy that they finally set out their dream to come true. But not all get to live out their dream. There are many who decide to defer their dreams and put it to a halt cause of their reasoning. But what happens to a dream that is deferred? Deferring a dream that you feel passionate about is a bad idea in that you might not have a chance at…show more content…
Although it might not seem clear to some people, Langston Hughes is not in favor of deferring dreams, as he describes his feeling of the subject in his poem. People who decide to pursue their dreams know that they either have something good or bad coming. But it is usually good, because your dream is something that most likely you have thought of doing. Whether it is good or bad, a dream is a dream. All it depends on is if you want to pursue it. An example of someone who pursued a dream is?me. Going to college was a dream of mine which I pursued long and hard in my life, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because I would be the first in my family to go to college and get an education. Although the odds were against me, I tried hard and never gave up. Then I got to a point that I wanted to give up and I believed that I would never get to college, and that no one would accept me. Although I had average grades, I was in a point that I though that everything would go downhill. It was a good that I had some inspiration or else I wouldn?t be where I am now. I was raised never to give up and always try your best, because opportunities will come your way. Believing in myself I knew I can accomplish my dream and go to college. Now if someone asks me if I go to college, I just show them my Baruch identification card with pride. And I had my parents to help me throughout my years of growing up. I never deferred my dream, although I was close to. But I never
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