Harlem Children 's Zone Promise Academy Essay

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Every student must have an equal opportunity to free, fair, equitable, and rigorous education. As educators we must strive to provide students with the best education we possibly can as teachers, community members, administration and policy makers. In order to provide equitable education all learners must be taken into consideration when designing curriculum, lessons, courses and school structure. Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy II high school is a charter school in the middle of Harlem, New York. The students come from areas all over the five boroughs and even New Jersey to become a part of the HCZ organization. The school promises that if the students stay in school they will graduate and go to college. Students and parents will go to great lengths to win the lottery system that allows them entry to the school. In the school each classroom has a smart board with speakers that is positioned in front center of the room. The teachers are outfitted with a MacBook laptop that they can travel with and hook up to the smart board. These computers are equipped with smart notebook, which allows them to write on slides, insert videos, graphs and even games. Teachers use Google Drive to upload lesson plans, documents and materials into a shared folder. Each classroom has a bookshelf full of text books pertaining to the main teachers subject. Some books are Advanced Placement and some for Regents material. There are teacher editions and even DVDs for resources in the
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