Harlem, New York

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It was a time when African American Artist, Writers, Dancers, Musicians, and Doctors decided to show the world how spectacular they were. Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, and Langston Hughes were just a few famous names that arrived during this time. One sensational woman stood out among the rest, her name was Josephine Baker. She took a stand and fought for what she believed in, she was a strong and passionate women and she never let anyone get in the way of the things she loved to do. No matter how risqué or dangerous it may have been.
On June 3rd, 1906 Freda Josephine McDonald was born to a washerwoman, Carrie McDonald and a Vanderville drummer Eddie Carson. Shortly after Josephine was born her Father abandoned their family and her Mother remarried a unemployed man named Arthur Martin. Their family would grow to include a son and two more daughters. When Josephine was just a child she started working to help her mother support their family. She would clean houses and babysit for wealthy white families. ( Louck, Haberman)
When she was Thirteen Josephine started waitressing at The Old Chauffer’s Club. This is where she met her first husband Willie Wells. Josephine left home and began her own life. Although her marriage to Willy Wells didn’t last long, she would keep picking up work to support herself. She started dancing with The Jones Family Band and The Dixie Steppers.…

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